To our customers in NY & NJ: Special Notice

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To Our New York and New Jersey Customers

Regrettably, now effective in the regimes of New York and New Jersey are legislation which restricts our ability to ship flavored eLiquid into those states. At this time, the only flavors which are legal for us to ship into NY and NJ are tobacco-only flavors.

Additionally, while it is certainly legal for NY/NJ residents to visit our stores to purchase eLiquid to bring back home with them, at this time we are not accepting website payments for in-store pickup. Instead, if you live in NY or NJ, we hope you will visit one of our retail locations to purchase your eLiquid.

Lastly, a note about why this legislation has been enacted:

The regimes are claiming that the banning of flavored eLiquid will mitigate youth addiction. This is patently absurd. In accordance with the longstanding law already in place, you must be 21 to purchase eLiquid on this website. Your age is verified at checkout. Period. This being the case, one can only conclude that the regimes in NY and NJ are concealing the real reason why they are attacking the vaping industry. We will not speculate as to what this real reason is, but we are sure you can easily draw your own conclusions.

Sincerely, with gratitude,

Cloud Chemistry

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