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Stop the Flavor Ban

As you most likely have heard by now on the main stream hype media, vaping is facing an existential threat, and we all need to pull together in solidarity in order to safeguard our future, and to protect our right to use safer alternatives to smoking.

In addition to individual states like Michigan announcing flavored eLiquid bans, now President Trump has announced that he will seek a federal ban on flavored eLiquid products. This news comes in the aftermath of a recent bout of serious lung-related illnesses that the news outlets are saying were caused by “vaping”. But is this true?

While health officials continue to investigate the precise causes of these illnesses, we do know one thing to be true:

These illnesses were most likely caused by vaporizing and inhaling oil, not eLiquid. Specifically, cannabis THC/CBD vaporizers, blackmarket cartridges, and vape-able vitamins, such as Vitamin E, are all the primary suspects. However, this distinction is not being made in headlines, causing confusion in the eyes of the general public. When people see “vape,” they think eLiquid. As members of the vape community, we all know oil and juice are not even close to being the same thing.

Enhancing eLiquid with flavors not only provides a more pleasant vaping experience, it facilitates an easier transition into vaping and away from the harmfully addictive vice grip of tobacco products. Thousands of people depend on flavored eLiquid as a safer alternative to toxic, combustible cigarettes.

Please take a moment to sign the official We The People Petition to get our voices in front of policy makers who have the power to shield us from impending doom!

Also, tweet your positive eLiquid story and tag President Trump:

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At CloudChemistry, we have always valued the safety of our customers—and of ourselves! We all vape our eLiquid exclusively. That’s why we only source regulated, verified and tested materials for our flavor concentrate inventory. Quality and safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we strongly urge the vaping community at large to use only verified, tested materials in their eLiquid.

2 thoughts on “Stop the Flavor Ban”

  1. It’s probably the preservative ingredients that are making ppl sickly not the liquid itself. cloud chemistry is awesome they make it fresh and right there in front of you and it’s still warm when you get it those gas station garbage brands are sitting for God knows how long and always have a funky smell and taste to them ….before I found cloud chemistry I got nauseous from vaping and now I vape only the best and it works out a lot less expensive then the pre packaged pods or liquid u can buy from internet -Gina McDaniel, Beach Lake, PA

  2. 9 years ago I was told to quit smoking for an operation. After 40+ years of smoking, this was hard. Until I found vaping. I used to get bronchitis every year and sometimes pneumonia. Until I started vaping, since then I HAVE NOT gotten sick. I for one know if vape stores were to be closed down, I most likely would start smoking again. Vape shops are essential to my well being. Cloud Chemistry please stay open. I can’t stand the taste of the other cheaper oils. Thank you

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