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How to Buy e Liquid Online The Right Way

Why write this guide? Who is it for?

If you’re reading this, you’re one of two types of people.

  1. You’ve never ordered e Liquid before.
  2. You’re tired of the nasty vape juice out there.

It really doesn’t matter. We’re glad you’re here!

It’s nearly 2016, and the vape scene has been exploding with new vendors and juice manufacturers promoting their e-Liquid. With so many marketing tactics and products utilized by vape juice companies, it’s easy to get lost in a flood of emails or ads when trying to find your ideal mix, or just something new to put in the air. Although annoying, it’s actually nice to see the industry evolve into a formal marketplace that reaches millions of people worldwide. Whether you’re a smoker or someone who has never lit a cigarette, e Cigarettes offer a safer, healthier alternative to traditional (analog) cigarettes and offer so much more. With thousands of flavors to choose from, you’ll never be bored with your setup. Sounds great!

And here’s a big HOWEVER for you: Hopefully this isn’t news, but many companies honestly don’t care about the quality or efficacy of their e Liquid as long as it sells. This approach is often hidden under a slurry of marketing and promotion, but it’s very real, and it poses a serious problem for all vapers.

We’ve written this guide to help vapers, new and veteran, get a better grip of choosing the perfect e juice.

Artificial Sweeteners in your e Liquid & Vape Juice

It’s no secret that brands like Equal™ and Splenda™ have been making an absolute killing by supplying the world with “safer” and “healthier” sugar substitutes such as Aspartame, Sucralose, or Acesulfame K. As with most things, something so shiny and sweet presents a dark side: many of these chemical additives are considered neurotoxins, and can (and have) caused adverse reactions in many people. Even though the vaping industry is young, it has undergone serious changes and growth through the years. One of these changes is the introduction of artificial sweeteners into e Liquid to make the vape juice blend “sweeter” or “smoother.”

Think about that for a minute. When you fire that device and inhale, what are you actually tasting? Is it authentic? Real, even? The world works in funny ways, and even people with the best intentions take shortcuts. People with not-so-nice intentions make problems.

There are so many fly-by-night e liquid manufacturers to buy from, and Cloud Chemistry does its part to set a higher standard. In our observations, e liquids and vape juices with artificial sweeteners will decrease the lifespan of your coils. This is because the sweeteners create a caramelized build-up on the material that both wicks and vaporizes the e liquid. Over time, this build-up gets worse and you’ll notice less vapor production and, in many cases, a weird taste or odor coming from your coils. Not yummy.

You know your body better than anyone else. But, when you’re choosing where to buy e liquid online, make sure the manufacturer avoids the use of artificial sweeteners at all costs.

Is Diacetyl in your e Liquid?

Obviously popcorn is delicious. Especially that smooth buttery kind that only a movie theater can produce. Mmmm. You know what’s not delicious though? Popcorn Lung.

From the CDC: “Diacetyl is a chemical that was found to be a prominent volatile constituent in butter flavoring and air at the microwave popcorn plant initially investigated by NIOSH. Diacetyl is also known as the alpha-diketone, 2,3-butanedione, or by its Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number, 431-03-08. Toxicology studies have shown that vapors from heated butter flavorings can cause damage to airways in animals (Hubbs et al, 2002). ”

Not all e Liquid flavors use Diacetyl, but even with these health risks, some still do. When it comes to your health, buy e liquid online from manufacturers that do not use Diacetyl, or avoid it in almost all situations.

How fresh is your e Liquid or Vape Juice?

In today’s fast-paced “get it here now” world, warehousing goods is almost a necessity. In most industries, this is not a problem. However, in the vaping world, stocking e liquids is not ideal.

When purchasing e liquid online, choose a manufacturer that creates your e juice when you order it. This ensures a certain level of quality and personalization that large batches just cannot provide. For example, when you buy from Cloud Chemistry Vapor, every bottle is made individually based on the options you select on each product page. When the order is received, our Flavor Specialists get to work on crafting your custom e liquid. It doesn’t sit on a shelf waiting for someone somewhere or a business to purchase it.

Freshness and purity should be a huge concern for you as a vaper. Quality loss is evident in many situations, especially when the business’s e Liquid is stored in less-than-ideal ways.

How Involved is your e Liquid Manufacturer in the Community?

E Liquid & E Cigarette Manufacturing is an interesting industry. While they are legal everywhere in the US, e cigarettes have come under fire from Big Tobacco, the CDC, and even the FDA. These organizations are voraciously trying to to demonize the vaping movement as a whole, and paint it as just as bad or WORSE than traditional cigarettes. Most of this hate and mis/disinformation comes from the most obvious thing: money.

E Cigarettes and E Liquids are not taxed like cigarettes, and the government just doesn’t make enough money from sales of these devices and liquids in comparison to tobacco sales. Some states have even gone so far as to ban them in PRIVATE property. The grip is just going to get tighter as more people and businesses enter the vaping scene.

When searching for e liquid online, make sure you’re supporting an organization that FIGHTS for your right to choose a healthier (and tastier) alternative. Cloud Chemistry is a vaper’s vape shop. We make sure to stay in-the-know when it comes to smear campaigns and remain above the curve when it comes to safe manufacturing practices and supplies. We care about the movement as a whole and we’re not in this for a quick-buck. Our goal at Cloud Chemistry has always been to help people stop smoking. Your right to choose is our lifeblood, and we’ll protect that as long as we can.

How does your e Liquid Manufacturer Treat their Customers?

After you’ve verified their standing in the community, you need to check to see how well the company treats their customers when you buy e juice online. Cloud Chemistry treats each customer as if they were our only customer, and help to get them set up with the best solution for their unique situation. Every person is different, with different tastes and preferences and should be treated individually. Any e liquid company that believes in one-size-fits-all approaches is a bad e liquid company.

Finally, you should verify that the company offers complete tracking information on your order, with a customer portal that will allow you to easily order e juice online again. If a company cares about you and helping you quit smoking, they will make it easy for you to complete your orders and re-order if necessary.

What’s next?

After you’ve thoroughly vetted and researched a quality e liquid manufacturer, place the order! Try your new, fresh e juice in your devices and crank it up! Get comfortable with your blends and invite your friends to try some of your e liquid. Any quality online e liquid company appreciates referrals, and will gladly reward you for sponsoring a smoker.

Welcome to the beautiful world of vaping, where you replace a harmful addiction with a pleasant one that benefits your health & the health of those around you – and your wallet. Visit our online e liquid store to learn more about our flavor-making process and to sample some of our delicious blends.

9 thoughts on “How to Buy e Liquid Online The Right Way”

  1. But how can we be sure that a company that tells us that their juice is pure, isn’t lying? Seriously – it’s great that this article was written. I just wonder how we can apply it in real-world situations. Get back to me, Cloud Chemistry. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Well, that’s a tough question. A lot of business has to be conducted based on faith, and usually people will tell the truth. If you feel differently about your situation, it’d be best to ask the owner for specific answers. If they don’t have a very precise, confident response, you may not want to trust them. Obviously we’re not saying they’re intentionally misleading you, but if they’re misinformed or ignorant of the dangers in using certain chemicals – you’re still vaping sub-par juice. In our experience however, we have found most vapor shops owners and their employees to be trustworthy, honest people who have one main goal: helping people stop smoking. 🙂

    2. Because people like my mother n I can swear by them. My mom n I are allergic to pg n many additives. We are positive that cloud chemistry is honest n is accully making your Eliquids fresh. Since I have changed my ratio ingredients n nic several times while standing there they had to make it fresh. Lol. They know the BUISNESS better than anyone I have ever felt with or read about. They are helpful kind patient n you will not leave their store unsatisfied!! Hope this helps you decide
      Signed Hapoy Costomer who wasn’t easy to plz!!!

  2. Thank you for your patience with my mom n I. We love cloud chemistry. They are so very patient n will not let you leave their store unsatisfied. That’s a tall order but they pull it off. Liquids are awesome but u have to realize ur kind of going from candy to healthy fruit. It’s worth it it’s awesome I’m happy. Thanks cc

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