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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Proceed to the Create Your Own Blend page.
  2. Under the “Flavor Options” heading, click on the “Flavor 1” dropdown menu.
  3. Select “In-Store Flavor Name”.
  4. Enter in your desired blend in the space provided.

For the present, hardware and accessories are not listed for purchase on our website. However, our retail locations are stocked with everything the expert vaper could ever need. Give us a call to see if your desired hardware is in stock, or just stop in.

No. As far as eLiquid is concerned, we only distribute our own product, which is made using pure, distilled, deprotonated nicotine. This form of nicotine has decades of research and human consumption to back it up.

Conversely, nicotine salts in general, and the JUUL in particular, are highly synthetic formulations that do not have a long research track record, and their consumption by humans is showing potential for addiction and abuse.

Our advice for the present is to steer clear of nicotine salts.

For the present, no. We like to focus all our energy on doing what we do best: Helping people to put down their cigarettes for good by providing them with eLiquid that is custom handmade to order.

First, and most importantly, no. Our quality control guidelines strictly prohibit flavor concentrates that include diketones.

Diketones are flavor additives most commonly used to create a realistic “buttery” taste. The most widely used diketone is diacetyl.

Diacetyl has become a household buzzword negatively associated with “popcorn lung”; a lung condition so-called because it was once contracted by employees of a large popcorn manufacturing facility.

As they were making and packaging the popcorn, these workers were breathing in extreme amounts of airborne butter flavor concentrates, such as diacetyl.

It was then speculated, but never proven, that the act of breathing in the diketones was what caused their lung condition.

Most, if not all, of the objections to using diketones in eLiquid are based upon hysteria and media hype, but not credible scientific data. Regardless, to be on the safe side, we do use any of the diketones in our eLiquid.

Each and every bottle of Cloud Chemistry eLiquid is manufactured by hand to your precise specifications, moments after you place your order, in our fulfillment labs in Moosic, Pennsylvania, USA.

The base ingredients that we use to make your eLiquid are tested for quality and purity in the USA using cGMP, ISO, and USP pharmaceutical standards.

Cloud Chemistry sources raw materials from around the world. Regardless of geography of origin, prior to being used in our eLiquid, all raw materials are subject to rigorous QA screening and verification protocols right here in the USA.

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