General Vaping Questions

How do Vaping Devices work?

All vaping products operate using the same principals. A battery powers a coil which heats a liquid solution known as e-liquid. This produces a vapor which is then inhaled.

However, these fundamentals can be applied in a large number of ways, and many products have been developed to meet the demands vapers have from their vape.

What is Vaping?

Vaping means the use of a vaping device (aka e-cigarette/personal vaporizer/mod/APV)! There are numerous such devices available, from the cigalikes to the 3rd generation APVs, but vaping is the term that unites them all.

What are Rebuildable Atomizers?

Rebuildable atomizers are for the vape enthusiasts. Out of the box these atomizers will not work, and are required to be built. Your first build and wicking are included in the price of these atomizers, and our staff will gladly show you the details of the build answering any questions so you can learn to rebuild and wick as you please. We do offer atomizer rebuilds for a small service charge. You can build these atomizers to handle a large range of powers, depending on the device you are running it on. Rebuildable tank systems are referred to as RBAs and can generally be built to handle between 20 to 30 watts of power. Rebuildable dripping atomizers, or RDAs, are for the cloud chasers, as they can be built to handle power levels as high as 100 watts, but require e-liquid to be applied every few drags.

Examples of RBAs include the Kayfun 3.1, Kayfun Lite Plus, Mini Kayfun, Taifun GT, Taifun GS, Rose, Fogger v1-4, Aqua, Heron, Squape, and Orchid v1-4.

Examples of RDAs include the Nimbus, TOBH, Omega, Trident, Stillaire, Plume Veil, Magma, Vulcan Mutation X, Eye, and the Igo-M.

Health Questions

Why should I vape?

Vaping is an alternative to smoking. It provides a vaper with the sensations, ritualistic behavior, and nicotine that smoking provides, but without smoke and the vast number of dangerous chemicals and carcinogens found in smoke.

Vapers choose to use the products for a number of reasons; some because they want to save money, some for health reasons, and some for convenience. It is our belief that vapers should, as soon as they are able, transition fully away from smoking into vaping.

Hardware Questions

What Are Starter Kits?

Starter kits are your usually a slimmer “pen” style with a built in battery. Sometimes these batteries are fixed and put out a set voltage. These would include your standard Evod or Ego style battery with a button. Other starter batteries have a voltage adjustment that allows you to set your desired power. Depending on design these devices may be variable voltage, wattage, or both. Generally these batteries cells are built in to the unit.

Examples of starter variable batteries would include the Evod twist, Ego twist, Vision Spinner, iTaste VV3, and iTaste MVP. Both fixed and variable starter batteries come in a variety of capacities generally from 350-2600mah.

What are Variable Mods?

Variable mods include any regulated device with power adjustment. Depending on the device there are voltage and wattage adjustments and typically require removable batteries. Some have LCD displays showing your power setting, while some have the adjustment marked on the device itself. Another quality that separates your variable mods is battery compatibility. Certain devices are designed for specific battery sizes and discharge ratings. Some have telescopic or sized tube adjustments to support multiple battery sizes. Your high powered regulated devices would require specific batteries that support more amperage to reach those higher power levels.

Examples of these variable mods would be the Vamo, SVD, 134, Coolfire 2, VTR, ELV-T, Z-Max, or Pro-Vari.

Examples of your higher powered regulated devices would be the DNA 20-40, IPV, Raptor, OKR, or SSX350.

What are Modular Atomizers?

The term modular atomizer refers to your liquid tank using replaceable coil units. These are the most common form of atomizer as it is simple and convenient to replace your heating element inside of the tank. These tanks are generally less maintenance for a pleasant vaporizing experience. Depending on your atomizer design these tanks may be able to be customized for your vaporizing style.

Examples of modular atomizers would be the Kanger Protanks, Innokin’s iClear 16-30, and the Aspire line of atomizers.

E-liquid Questions

Why Choose Cloud Chemistry’s Eliquid?

Made Custom and precise to order with pure ingredients, we make all our own E-Liquids and offer over 120 different flavors. Be sure to lounge by the coffee bar while you wait for your custom order to be hand crafted in the lab by one of our highly skilled scientists.

Ask about custom flavors. Cloud Chemistry is happy to create the perfect blend for you. All flavors are available in any nicotine strength ranging from 0-24 mg/ml and any PG/VG ratio.