Cloud Chemistry – Premiere eLiquid Online Vape Shop

Cloud Chemistry is a unique vape shop experience. Our custom E-liquid is hand-crafted to be the cleanest possible formula to maximize coil life and provide delicious, full-note flavor. Our skilled vaping staff can guide you to the perfect equipment and flavor combination based on your needs, experience level, and taste. No one is left without a favorite flavor with the seemingly endless selection at our flavor tasting bar.

Since our E-liquid isn’t made until you order, you have the ability to combine up to 5 different flavors out of 180+ to choose from – that’s over 1,488,847,536 possible combinations! Quality e-Liquid options include Fruit e-Liquids, Tobacco e-Liquids, Dessert e-Liquids, Beverage e-Liquids, and our unique employee-designed House Blends.

To better serve the vaping community, Vapers are now able to visit our website and place online orders for E-liquid! We have all of our single note flavors and house blends available for quick and safe shipping!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to share our passion for quality vape juice with your friends and family outside of the Pocono area! Stay tuned: a cutting-edge website update is coming that will allow you to completely customize your own flavor, from our high-tech vape juice crafting lab – right to your door!

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