Announcing New Names for Our House Blends

Cloud Chemistry is updating our design language.

“Wait! What about the old blends I know and love?”

That question will be answered in this article.

But, before we answer that question, a brief note about why we are doing this.

Why the update?

Companies are a lot like people: In order to communicate, we use a combination of words and symbols. During the course of the 5 years that we have been serving the marketplace, Cloud Chemistry has consistently used certain words to describe our product. Words like “unparalleled” and “unique”.

And, now we are updating the images and symbols of our design language so that they will be more properly aligned with the words that we have always used.

If you look at it this way, this change isn’t “new”. It really isn’t a change at all. This updated design language more accurately communicates who we are, and the unique and unparalleled value of our product. We are confident you’ll agree.

What about the original blends I know and love?

Firstly, and most importantly, the blends themselves have not changed. They are the same good old blends we all know and love. The only things we are changing are the names and the graphics.

Second, the original blend names are not going anywhere. They will always be available for purchase on our website. However, they will not be displayed for browsing on the website catalogue. In order to find your desired original blend name, please use the search bar in the website header.

What is the new name of my favorite blend?

If you would like to know the new name of your favorite blend, you can search the table below.

Please note that not every one of our original blends is represented in the new catalogue. Our original catalogue had over 300 blends. Whereas, our new catalogue has only 82. These 82 represent the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop.

Afro breakfast crispLipid
Afro honey clustersMicron
Afro JaxProton
Afro Speckled CrumbsZeno
Afro thunder specialAsteroid
After dinner mintHalogen
Agua De VidaOsmosis
Apple pie A La froDolomite
Arctic berryEnigma
Arctic MistAntidote
Aspiring RockstarEscaton
Banes HeadlockThesis
Barbaric Crunch V9Modulus
Berried AliveSigma
Berry TartEpsilon
Birthday CakePrism
Black Water CanyonKrypton
Blueberry BuddhaOrion
Breakfast of KingsOpus
Cherry LimeadeMobius
Cloud ReserveAmino
Cupid's ArrowMinerva
Fishin CakesGemini
Floral Forest BudsNitrous
Floral Garden BudsCicero
Fresca Del FuegoNitrogen
Frost FireCatalyst
Fu Man SodaEquilibrium
Fuego FlakesRadiance
Granny CandyImpulse
Grizzly GrahamsMorpheus
Hangover CureOmega
Hungry HarpsPatmos
Inky's LamentIntrepid
Island ParadisePerennial
Jelly BeastCupid
Joker's Laughing GasVirgo
Jupiter's EyeApollo
Lemon BarCarbon
Lemon CrusadeHelium
Lightining CandyFusion
Loopy MilkOrbit
Mango Melon ParfaitPolaris
Maxxfire PeachSynergy
Mighty NutAltitude
MR. FrenchApex
Mulled Apple CiderAurora
Mythical MilkNebula
Nannerz PieNucleus
NHD V2Graviton
Orange TacticsEllipsis
Orange VoltVoltage
Peach RingsParallax
Pina ParadiseNova
Plasma GPlasma
Polar CustardEclipse
Post MelonSeneca
Rainbow Sheetrock FlakesRubicon
Rockstar PunchFortran
Silly Afro Cereal V2Meteor
Smiling Skull V2iOn
Stan Clancey Fancy ElixerElixir
Strawberry on DacksCrystal
Sugar MooseOmicron
Teeny ToastApocalypse
The DukeTitanium
The French AmbassadorNeon
The GentlemanAlpha
The WednesdayTitan
Toasted JoyAndromeda
Very CherryNode
Wonderful SinOlympus
Yellow FeverPotion
Zero HeroNeutron

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